Block and Tackle

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With Football Season Upon Us—I thought I would stop my normal series and talk about how to Block and Tackle.


I have always been a huge fan of football.

I would love to be able to tell you about my amazing football career and how it lead me into the various leadership positions I have been blessed with over the years.  However, that would not be the case—although I was actually reasonably adept at the sport when playing in PE class.

At one time, I even decided to pursue playing on the high school football team.  Then a defining event changed my direction back to the field of music.  I can remember it just as if it happened yesterday.

It was during the spring of 1973.  I was in the eighth grade and getting ready for that transition into high school, when I decided to join several of my friends during Spring Training Camp for our high school football team—The Valley Point High School Mighty Green Waves!

The sounds of shoulder pads crunching…

The sounds of athletes grunting as they delivered and received hits from their teammates…

And most importantly—the sounds of both of my thumbs breaking as a football was slammed into my stomach.

It was that last memory that changed my direction.  At no time during my 12 years in various band programs did I ever break a bone

Not once!  ”


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